Santa Claus Tours the City
December 12, 2017

The Brunswick Volunteer Fire Company will once again help Santa Claus tour the City of Brunswick to greet residents before Christmas. His tour will be made on Monday, December 11 and Tuesday, December 12, beginning around 5:30pm.

While it is not possible to cover every street in town, the fire company has mapped out a route that seems the best. You may have to go to one of the closest intersections of your street to see Santa, so listen for the siren on the fire truck he'll be riding on.

On Dec. 11, Santa will begin on Galyn Dr, then go to Fiona Way, Galyn Dr, Jeffery La, Rick Michael Way, Galyn Dr, Evan Ct, Brad Alan Dr, Point of Rocks Rd, Cummings Dr, 13th Ave, Tamarack Way, Wintergreen La, Cummings Dr, 9th Ave, East B St (Dead Man's Curve), Park Ave, Gum Spring Rd, Souder Rd, Maple Ave, Maple Terrace La, West Orndorff Dr, Peach Orchard La, West J St, Maple Ave, Wenner Dr, Maple Ave, West B Street, and Petersville Rd.

On December 12, Santa will start on Rt 180 (Jefferson Pike), then go down Knoxville Rd, Maple Ave (at Square Corner), West B St, West C St, Dayton Ave, West D St, Brunswick St, Potomac St, Petersville Rd, Maryland Ave, Rosemont Dr, Maplecrest Dr, Martha's Court East, Maplecrest Dr, Rosemont Dr, Lander Creek Dr, Village Green Way, Shenandoah Square, Sheer St, Lander Creek Dr, Potomac View Pkwy, Hope Farm Ct, Potomac View Pkwy, Volunteer Dr, Crums Hollow Dr, Moore Spring Ct, Appalachian Way, Yourtee Spring Dr, Crums Hollow Dr, Volunteer Dr, Potomac View Pkwy, Dargon Quarry La, Potomac View Pkwy, Long Farm La, Drydock St, Wills Creek Dr, Long Farm La, and Potomac View Pkwy.

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Christa Jones December 13, 2017 at 12:52 AM
My little guy LOVED seeing Santa and the Grinch tonight. Just wanted to say a great big Thank You and we appreciate you. Merry Christmas and thanks again for braving the cold and wind.

Brunswick Volunteer Fire Company December 13, 2017 at 12:31 PM