2 Alarm fire at Sheetz
May 12, 2018

On May 2nd, a building fire was dispatched for the Sheetz gas station in Brunswick. First arriving E51 went on the scene with heavy smoke from all side of the building and requested a 2nd alarm. E51 along with T5 made an aggressive interior attack while a hose line was placed on Side "D" of the building where the fire started. C5-1 arrived and took over command while the crews worked to extinguish the fire. The fire was mainly in the attic and roof structure of the building. Crews worked for about 45min to control the fire. It was determined the fire started after an employee dropped a light cigarette on the side of the building. The fire stated in the mulch and grass area and quickly went up the exterior wall and into the attic space.

Units: E51 TR5 T5 C5-1 CAR5
Mutual Aid: E201 LCE612 E281 JCE12 A197 RS19 TR5 TR42 T5 ET204 LCT612 BAT901 SFT900 WCE81 RE74 E121 E141 LCE626 LCA612 RS20 TR50 WCTR6 JCA1 JCRE1 E31 E11 LCE610 RE83 JCTR2 FD100 C7 C4 M20 D20
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