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Probationary Membership

A Probationary Member is individual who requests to join the fire company , submitted an application properly completed, and interviewed by the membership committee, has been presented to the membership to be voted on and been accepted as a Probationary Member. This individual if accepted by the company will be on probation from one year after the accepted date by the membership. The membership committee after the year will either recommend or not recommend to the membership that the individual become a new member. The membership will vote rather to accept or deny membership. A Probationary member cannot vote and has no standing at a membership meeting. Probationary members must abide by the by-laws and all rules and regulations and policies and procedures as set by the company and its officers. Probationary members that do not complete the Probationary Member requirements as specified in the by-laws and rules and regulations will not be able to reapply for Probationary Membership status for one (1) year. Membership as a Probationary member will not count toward years in service to become an Officer.

Active Membership

Active Members and Life members is  the only class of membership having the privilege of the floor during Member Meetings and standing to cast ballots and vote at such meetings, provided;

*  Dues are to be paid.

*   The member has not missed more than four (4) Monthly Membership Meetings

*   The member shall be required to earn 50 LOSAP points a year to be an Active Member.  These points shall be cumulative for each quarter as follows:

*  Members not meeting the above requirements shall be considered an Associate Member.


Associate Membership

Associate Members shall not have the privilege of the floor during Member Meetings or standing to cast ballots and vote at such meetings.


Junior Membership

A Junior Member shall be an Associate Member until age Sixteen (16).  A Junior Member having attained the age of sixteen (16) shall, on receipt of the Chief's prior approval and parental consent and waiver, be entitled to ride as an observer on any of The Company's vehicles. When the Junior member reaches age Eighteen (18), the member will become an Active Member as long as all classes are met.

Auxiliary Member

An Auxiliary member will be considered a member of the Company. They must adhere to the Company By-laws and to all applicable rules as set forth by the Company. To hold active status in the Company they must qualify as outlined in the Active Member Section. If the member does not qualify then they will revert to an Associate Member. For more information please visit the Ladies Auxiliary section of our website.


Anyone interested in joining shall follow the steps below

1) Print the Membership Application and drop it off at the Brunswick Volunteer Fire Comany at 1500 Volunteer Dr and bring the $30 application fee with you.

2) Be interviewed by the Membership Committee and be given a favorable recommendation at the respective months company meeting

3) Complete a FCVFRA approved background check

4) Complete a FCVFRA approved Physical and Fit Test, for Active and Fire/Rescue Members

5) Successfully achieve requirements as outlined in Active Members Status

6) Become removed from Probationary Status by a majority company vote in the respective meeting held one (1) year after joining the department

Link to Application:




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